What is MotaWord?

MotaWord is the world's fastest, lowest cost, cloud-based, collaborative business translation platform.


How Does MotaWord Work?

MotaWord combines the efforts of talented human translators through the use of a cloud based translation platform. Our translators are able to login simultaneously into projects that fit their language combination and provide translation service collaboratively - while also seeing the whole content for contextual purposes. This ability to simultaneously utilize multiple translators makes MotaWord exceptionally fast and highly accurate.

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What Is Unique About MotaWord?

A new and powerful approach known as collaborative translation: multiple translators with varying tasks collaborate simultaneously through a shared workspace and resources via cloud computing. Collaborative translation reduces the total time of the translation lifecycle, improves communications (particularly between translator and non-translator participants), and eliminates many management tasks.

what is unique about MotaWord

Who Is Behind MotaWord?

A leading translation agency with 17 years of experience, expert developers, and passionate designers brought MotaWord to life. MotaWord is a simple, seamless, and reliable source for translation services. Our aim is to delight our clients, who order, inspect, and access high-quality and budget-friendly human translation services worldwide using the collaboration of multiple expert translators.

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