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As a disruptive force in the translation industry, MotaWord is especially proud of serving OnePlus; a new kind of tech company that works hand in hand with users to do something amazing, something meaningful and ends up with beautiful and functional smartphones poised to be "Flagship Killers". OnePlus answers our questions about their company and their use of MotaWord.

How did OnePlus begin? What makes you want to be a "Flagship Killer"?
OnePlus began in December 2013. Co-founders Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei (Global Director) wanted to create a technology company that focused on creating the best smartphone user experience possible – from software to hardware, and especially design. They saw room for a smartphone company that paid attention to absolutely every detail and listened to their users instead of just selling to them.

How are you building your international community? Via what media do you reach out to people in other countries (other than your localized websites)?
When we started OnePlus, we took to social media to find our initial fanbase (our first channels were Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). We created our own forums so our community would have a place to meet, talk, and discuss the future of smartphones with us. For other countries, we have a few localized channels (i.e. France, Spain, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore), and we hope to add more. Our Marketing team includes a group dedicated to Community, and we hope to add more country-specific Community Managers to the team so we can better connect with our fans. Offline interaction is extremely important to us. We also run periodical fan meetups to visit with our fans in person. Most recently, Carl went to Tel Aviv in Israel to meet our growing fan base there. We've also done meetups in cities all over the world, like when we launched the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X.

You are using MotaWord to translate your service into 24 languages. What made you choose those? </br As we're still expanding, we would like to reach as many people as possible. Having a website in multiple languages means our users will have access to the information they want without being hindered by a language gap. We chose the languages of the countries where we see the most interaction from online (i.e. what countries are the most active on social media and interact with us online). Sometimes the answers are surprising. For example, when we launched the OnePlus One in 2014, a huge number of our followers were actually from India, even though we didn't serve that country yet.

What are your current top sales countries? What do you see for the future?
Some of our biggest countries are the US, UK, Germany, and India. We're always looking into how we can explore other markets and spread OnePlus to more countries.

What is behind the "Never Settle"? What can we expect next from OnePlus?
Never Settle is our mantra which is embedded in the products we created and our company culture itself. It's about always looking for ways to improve. We never want our users to settle for less than the best. Above all else, we just want to help share great technology with the world.

About MotaWord
MotaWord is the world’s fastest professional translation platform. Through the use of cloud technologies, smart algorithms that manage projects around the clock, and over 24 thousand professional translators, MotaWord provides high-quality translations in any language 60% cheaper and 20 times faster than traditional translation agencies.

About OnePlus
OnePlus is a global startup challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with a premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit oneplus.net.

Published on Mar 8, 2022 by OYTUN TEZ


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