Medical Document Translation Services

Medical translation is a highly sought-after service within a fast-growing industry and covers a number of sectors ranging from certified medical document translation services to localizing medical bulletins or drug data sheets. MotaWord medical translators are available 24/7 to professionally translate your medical documents into over 112 languages.

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Medical Language Translation

MotaWord’s goal is to provide the best medical translation service. We know that even the smallest error in accuracy or grammar in a patient report or instruction for use (IFU) document can endanger lives. MotaWord eliminates these issues by using a quality assurance process for every translated medical document. Having attained a prominent position among other medical translation companies, MotaWord is proud of its team of professional translators and editors who are experienced in medical terminology and medical localization services.

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Certified Medical Translation

Due to their very nature, medical documents may need to be certified for use in other countries. With this in mind, MotaWord provides a certified medical translation service to its clients, wherever they are located. As creating projects and uploading documents can be time-consuming, MotaWord offers a user-friendly interface on its medical translation site that makes the document upload process very easy and allows you to receive an instant quote.

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Supported File Formats

MotaWord supports a variety of file types to make it simpler for you to integrate and use your translated information, saving you significant time and resources. If you have a file format that we don't currently support, please get in touch! We would be happy to put it into action for you.


Medical Translations for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

MotaWord provides medical translation services for documents that require expertise in fields such as pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, specialized surgery, cancer, heart services, and cardiothoracic surgery which is provided by industry experts (translators with medical degrees) and specialized native-speaker translators and proofreaders. Depending on your requirements, we can hand-pick industry-specialized translators based in a certain country, who can routinely work on your projects, and work according to your style guides.

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Our Translation Process


Upload Your Medical Documents

MotaWord is available 24/7; we have over 22,000 medical translators ready to work on your projects.

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With a strong medical translator base and a robust, fast, and advanced platform using smart algorithms and our expertise in translation.

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Our proofreaders check the quality of the translation. Our aim is to deliver the best medical translation to our clients.

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Your translated medical documents are ready to view on your client dashboard and you can download them with just one click.

Medical Document Translation

The first requirement for translating a medical document correctly is to have a full understanding of the source and target languages. When a medical translation project from English to Spanish, for example, is initiated on MotaWord, multiple translators who are native speakers of the target language, in this case, Spanish, can start working on the document at the same time. This collaborative approach means the medical foreign language translation process will be completed within a shorter time. Once the translation stage is finalized, MotaWord’s professional proofreaders then check the target document to eliminate any stylistic or grammatical errors thus providing a well-rounded translation in terms of our medical language translation services.

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Life Sciences Translation Services

MotaWord shares its perspective on life sciences translation that is used in a range of medical fields ranging from clinical trials to healthcare needs.

Frequently asked questions

Translation solutions for medical documents will depend on the specific type of document to be translated. For example, a translator who is familiar with medical prescription translation may not be able to provide the same level of expertise when translating notes from a surgical procedure. The translation of a patient’s medical records requires a high level of accuracy and localization into the target language, while medical insurance translation requires strict compliance with the regulations of the target country. MotaWord ensures that each document is matched with the right translator to ensure that documents are translated correctly and in compliance with local regulations.

Medical reports must be translated by qualified medical translators who have an in-depth understanding of medicine and medical terminology. This is important because medical professionals and hospital employees will read the translated medical report and any errors in the translation could have devastating effects. This is why you should choose a translation platform such as MotaWord, with its successful track record of translating medical records.

Quality is an important factor that every client needs to consider when deciding to collaborate with a translation provider; however, the cost of the service is also relevant. MotaWord uses state-of-the-art translation technology to present standardized medical translation rates per word. These rates will vary according to the language combination. For example, a medical document translated from English into Italian may have a different rate than a Portuguese text translated into Japanese. The last parameter that affects the final service cost is the type of document and the area of expertise required, which is an important factor when assigning projects to certain teams of linguists at MotaWord.


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