MotaWord is the world’s fastest professional translation platform serving our clients around the clock with over 24,000 professional translators.

We are an organization with global aspirations, that is fully committed (even before covid) to remote working. Our mission is to make MotaWord a seamless and accurate translation partner for organizations of any size, anywhere in the world. And we are reaching out to include you in this journey.

In 2020, MotaWord translators worked on over 10,000 translation projects, many of them in multiple languages. We have a unique take on what it takes to provide accurate translations, fast and seamlessly. We pioneered the world’s first truly collaborative translation platform, invented our rules and we are looking for colleagues passionate about languages, community, and collaboration - both with our clients and our translators.

There is a reason the words “community” and “communicate” sound alike. They both stem from the Latin word “communis” which means “of or for the community”. As a Community Manager, you will be expected to communicate.

You will be expected to train our new translators, ensure that they adhere to the rules of our community, liaise with other Community Managers and MotaWord’s IT team to develop new processes and technologies, and constantly communicate with our translators and clients.

You will be asked to write. Sometimes in English but mostly in your other working language(s). You will need to produce manuals for our translators. You will need to write blog articles, website content, emails, and whatever else is necessary to bring our community together or get the word out on MotaWord.

The Community Manager role requires analytical people with great communication skills. Knowledge of the translation industry and MotaWord as a platform is required. Excellent command of English along with at least one other language is a must.

Here is what you will be expected to do:

  • Monitor translation projects to ensure translators are adhering to the rules of our Community, answer any questions they may have and ensure timely completion of projects through communication with translators and proofreaders.
  • Create weekly reports on projects, translator participation, issues encountered, and possible solutions. Be comfortable with mining for and analyzing data from MotaWord's data sets.
  • Monitor the activities of MotaWord's AI system as it grades and takes action on translators.
  • Monitor and actively participate in conversations on MotaWord's live chat feature with both translators and clients.
  • For your language pairs, ensure that the MotaWord website is fully localized.
  • Write weekly content to educate MotaWord translators or inform MotaWord clients, and
  • Be an active participant in everything MotaWord along with all your colleagues from four corners of the world. We are in this to build the best translation platform.

At a minimum, we would like to know that:

  • You know how to communicate - in a positive and uplifting way.
  • You have a higher education degree.
  • You are an organized person with fantastic writing skills.
  • You speak English flawlessly, and you are a native of any other language (the more, the better here).
  • You understand and have a working knowledge of the translation industry.
  • You are curious by nature with a healthy dose of technophilia.

And if we ever decide to work with you, here is what you should expect:

  • Management level compensation commensurate with the country you reside in.
  • If applicable, project-based compensation.
  • Net payment of your wages to a PayPal account (please ensure you have a PayPal account)

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