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How to Translate Your WordPress Website?

WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder, powers more than 37 percent of all websites on the internet. WordPress customers are ranging from local food bloggers to huge Fortune 500 companies. What do they have in common? They all need to expand the exposure of their businesses to increase their revenues and that’s where the power of translation comes into play.

Well, we all know English is a must, right? Nearly 25% of all internet users are using their browsers in English and around 50% of all internet users have at least basic English knowledge. By not localizing your website into more languages, you potentially lose up to 50% of the world’s population. Yes, that 50% who could have been your customers by now. Here at MotaWord, we provide translations in more than 101 languages and we’re fully integrated with WordPress.

MotaWord’s WordPress translation plugin allows you to be flexible - there are no subscriptions or minimum fees. You just pay for the number of words you are translating - whenever you need it. Our translation workflow is as seamless as it can be. It only takes a couple of clicks in order to translate your awesome blog post into multiple languages. Our revolutionary collaborative translation approach yields up to 20x faster turnaround times without sacrificing on the quality. We have the tools that can give the best bang for your buck - with MotaWord’s smart discounts, you never have to pay for the translation of the same string twice.

If you ever decide to move on from WordPress and are worrying about the migration of your translations, look no further. Your translation memories for any project or your entire account is always available to download in the industry-standard TMX format, at no extra cost.

In order to learn more about how to get started with MotaWord’s WordPress plugin, check out MotaWord in the WordPress translation plugin marketplace. For all your questions, please contact us at info@motaword.com or chat with us through our 24/7 online live chat. We look forward to helping you with your website’s translation!

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