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Translate a Business Card Into Chinese

We just provided our umpteenth business card translation into Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional to yet another client.

If we are to be truly honest, we need to admit that it takes us a bit of a time to catch-on to client needs.

When we created MotaWord about 2 years ago, we thought that the value-add of the world’s fastest human translation platform, available to any client on-demand and providing only high-quality translation service would most likely appeal to long texts - generally the domain of clients requiring legal translation service.

But access to translating short text with no minimum charges, at a very high-quality and within mere minutes up to 73 languages simultaneously is a very welcome addition to the arsenal of HR managers it seems.

The translation of a business card into Chinese Simplified AND Chinese Traditional that we just delivered finally did it for us. Just like with the AdWords translation service that MotaWord seamlessly provides, the business card translation service should also be highlighted.

We did say most everything to be said about the benefits of translating a business card into any of our 73 currently supported languages (no minimum charges, a very high-quality and delivery within mere minutes) but we can do even better. We can show you how easy we have made ordering this service (or at least getting a free translation quote that puts you under no-obligation).

You can order the translation of your business card using any of these means:

  • Simply typing what you need to be translated on your card into MotaWord (usually this involves the “Company Name”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Title”, “Street Address”, “Telephone Number”, “Fax Number”, “E-mail” and “URL” - if you have a tagline for your company, including that would also be a good idea.

    ABC COMPANY John Smith123 Main Street
    Washington, DC 20005

  • Sending the content to be translated into an MS Word document - same idea as above but in an MS Word document

  • Scanning and uploading the business card to be translated - yes, unlike other platforms, MotaWord is able to provide you an instant quote based on your PDF and JPEG files (among many others - see the full supported document list here)

MotaWord gives you the option to receive your translation in a variety of formats - one of which is the CSV (comma-separated value) format. This format can be opened in an Excel file or on your basic word processor and would ensure that each line of your source text has the corresponding translation across from it. This would allow you (or any designer you might ultimately send the translated content to) to follow and understand what each translation corresponds to in Chinese.

It makes a lot of sense to have your business card translated into a language that does not have the Latin alphabet but in the case of China (and Japan), it goes beyond that. The existence of a business card, your name, your title and the way you present it are all important.

This brief video from eHow touches upon the etiquette of business card giving in China.

For the translation of your business card into Chinese Simplified or Traditional, MotaWord is available 24/7. Just click this link to get an instant quote.

If rather than a business card translation into Chinese, you need a certified translation for USCIS of your Chinese documents click the link. For your website translation into Chinese visit that page.

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Published on Dec 9, 2015 by EVREN AY

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